Using Asana's calendar, as a Master calendar?

I am new to Asana (personally, and still learning) and we’re a small private practice. We currently use Asana for our tasks and projects and Slack for communications. We have employees that don’t have a designated workstations and no need for company email addresses. Currently our admin team sets tasks and that sync to the office scheduling calendar.

**I am curious if there is an option in Asana to keep standing appointment /“place-holders” in the Asana CALENDAR for those that temporary log into Asana to see Office closures, Holidays, Etc. (??)

I understand that Google Calendar has a one way sync (that goes to our personal emails and any other calendars we personally use) but looking for options for creating a “Office Calendar” without providing access to the office email to all employees and providing company email for all employees.

Is this an option? I have looked into Skylight but it appears that it is a digital frame and one-sided.
What are others using?

We currently use Gusto for time off but would like to create an office calendar that everyone can access and we’re trying not to create another Google calendar if it’s not necessary.

Hi @Kanani, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

My suggestion here would be to create tasks for these “placeholders” and simply add a due date. Once the due date is added, these tasks will show up in the Calendar on the designated date! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep this thread open for now to see if any of our Community members can jump in with some tips/suggestions on integrations!

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Does this mean that once the “task/due date arrives” will it be deleted or continue to stay as long as the date is still listed in the due date section?

I have mixed feelings about this, as I can see it working but eventually we will have a lot of past due dates listed and that might be overwhelming to as few of our team- members.

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