Tracking Customer Contacts

Hello! I’m trying to find a way to track customer contacts by employee and by the customer’s physical location. Each customer is entered in Asana as a project. The tasks under that project are the various projects that we have going on with that customer. On each task, we use a custom field to show which city a customer is located in and also tags to indicate their region. Is there a way to create a report that shows how many customers have been contacted (based on an update to the Asana task) by each employee over the last week and divide the contacts out by region? i.e. Joe contacted 10 customers in the central region, 5 in the north, and 7 in the south. Thanks!

Hello @Cassie_Theisen,

Your set up with the custom fields sounds good already. I’d probably recommend to also switch the tags into custom fields instead.

There are surely various ways in how you can set this up such as for example using the columns (sections) as the stages the contact moves through, such as contacted, follow up#1, follow up#2, etc

Then have the custom fields for city and region and task assignee.

Now once you have set this up you can go to the reporting feature and set up various graphs per person for example or person/city/region whatever you need

Here is an example:

Otherwise you can also work with advanced search which allows you to also use the tags you have:

Then you can save the advanced search results for easy access

Hope that helps :smiley:


Hi @Andrea_Mayer! Thanks for the information. Is is possible to get a count of the number of comments someone has made instead of just the number of tasks?

@Cassie_Theisen not that I know about. You can probably get it set up via some API (There was a discussion about it here for example: Total number of comments per tasks - #5 by Ross_Grambo)

The other way it would work is that you use custom fields that are updated when a comment is added which is a bit of tedious work so not ideal.

Thanks for the information, @Andrea_Mayer!

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