How to have a list of customers and associate them with Tasks?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I would like to use Asana to track tasks I do for my clients (customer company).
I would like a simple board in which I create tasks and associate them with the customer.
In this way I can know how much work I do for each client and measure the time I spend.
I just can’t create a customer list (about 600 but could increase).
Also it would be nice to be able to import the list from an excel or CSV file.
How can I organize?

Hi Piero,

I would recommend having a project for each client so you can manage the tasks within in Client themselves. Or you could have a single select custom field for each client however it can only can have up to 500 field value options.

Welcome, @Piero2,

Danielle offers a couple of answers:

And in response to

You can do this with the CSV Importer in Asana by first creating a single-select custom field (limit 500 options) and mapping that customer name column to it: