Getting started with my 100+ clients spreadsheet

I’m new to Asana and was previously using an Excel spreadsheet where I have a line per client (about 200) and each column is a step in the production process (1. send into email / 2.plan 1st consultation / 3.send consultation invoice … 20. send catch up email after 12 months)…
How do I import all of these to Asana?
Should each client be a project (each project would then follow the same “workflow”).
If so, how do I import it all?
Many thanks for your help !


In our space we have each client as a task and also as a project. You can use the CSV importer to create the tasks. And for the projects, I have a tool in the making to mass-create projects based on a template, would you be interested?

Thanks for your reply … but I’m a bit lost here. Not sure having a client as a task and a project would help. Sounds like my Excel spreadsheet is actually much more simple to use than Asana then … Was hoping to be able to duplicate the same workflow for each one of my clients…

Welcome, @Caroline_Caron_Dhaou,

You might only need to have clients as tasks, and you can use:

as Bastien suggested.

For questions like this, I recommend you watch my workshop (free):

Hope that helps,