Timeline View lagging on load, not loading all sections.

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Project > Timeline/List

Our organization has a number of sections created to help keep our tasks organized. This is working very well in List view.

When changing to Timeline view, the screen often loads halfway down the page (ie. cutting off the top three or four sections), and then will not load all sections until an excessive amount of forced scrolling occurs (to the very top, and very bottom of the page). It creates a huge lag, and is confusing for new team members when they open the timeline view for the first time.

Suggested request:

  • The Timeline view always loads from the top (ie. the first section).
  • The Timeline view loads fully without requiring scrolling to cause tasks to appear.



Hi @Brandon_Collier, thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the trouble here! Have you followed this quick troubleshooting tips? These usually solve loading issues or any browser glitch!

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Nope, it’s just the loading process is bad. Even if we collapse all sections, everything is loading behind and it’s super super slow. Please put all requests about lagging timeline over the top, it’s really really annoying on daily basis!!

This is also a major issue for us as well. Troubleshooting tips do not help.

To reiterate, this issue still occurs for our organization. It has turned a few staff members away from using/checking Asana, which is quite unfortunate.

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Yup same with us. I work for Amazon. We’re a significant user of Asana but this is affecting the extent to which we use the product. Can someone please respond and advise.

To follow up again, I have since taken measures to try and work around this issue.

I have duplicated the project and reduced the number of tasks + milestones + approvals being displayed on the timeline. Yes, I have opted to sacrifice the timeline’s accuracy and level of detail in favor of user-friendliness - a trade-off which should not be necessary. To my disappointment, this still did not correct the issue and the timeline still loads from the middle of the timeline and lags significantly, not loading unless aggressive scrolling to the top and bottom of the page occur.

It is approaching the point whereby the Timeline view is unusable unless loading no more than … 20, 25, 30 tasks?

I think this should be made a top update priority, and elevated to the status of critical risk.

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Absolutely agree. +1 to everything Brandon is reporting. I have tried the same thing and likewise the timeline doesn’t load unless aggressive scrolling and even then it doesn’t always work. Timeline view is one of the main reasons we opted to use Asana and it is un-usable at this point. Absolutely this should be elevated to critical risk. Brandon, any idea how we can get this in front of someone at Asana quickly? I don’t think anyone is looking at this.

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+1 Agree with this! Our sections have deadlines, and when those deadlines change, we use Timeline to shift the whole list of tasks down the calendar. Too many sections => Timeline loads slowly or not at all, and 30+ tasks with specific dates and dependencies have to be changed by hand. Very frustrating.
For us, this would be pretty much solved by allowing a whole section to be date-shifted. Asana’s recent improvement of allowing sections to be duplicated and date-shifted almost solves the problem!
@Emily_Roman should this be moved into Product Feedback so we can upvote?

Hi everyone, sorry for the hassle with the timeline feature. I’ve shared this feedback with our Developers, and I hope we can improve the overall capacity for timeline in the future. That said, I’d also recommend reaching out to our Support team directly so they can look into individual cases, get project ID’s and use them as examples to escalate the problem to our Developers.

@Katie_Kendle, since this is a slightly different request, I’d recommend creating a separate Product Feedback topic to be upvoted. :slight_smile:

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