Timeline View lagging on load, not loading all sections.

Hi there,

Project > Timeline/List

Our organization has a number of sections created to help keep our tasks organized. This is working very well in List view.

When changing to Timeline view, the screen often loads halfway down the page (ie. cutting off the top three or four sections), and then will not load all sections until an excessive amount of forced scrolling occurs (to the very top, and very bottom of the page). It creates a huge lag, and is confusing for new team members when they open the timeline view for the first time.

Suggested request:

  • The Timeline view always loads from the top (ie. the first section).
  • The Timeline view loads fully without requiring scrolling to cause tasks to appear.


Hi @Brandon_Collier, thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the trouble here! Have you followed this quick troubleshooting tips? These usually solve loading issues or any browser glitch!

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