Time Tracking Rules, Triggers, and Overview

We’re a Game Studio and we use Asana Business and Harvest for tracking time on tasks. With that said, we are planning to move fully into Asana since they launched their Time Tracking feature. However, we have a few questions:

  • It is mentioned in this forum post that they have planned to add Rule and Triggers for Time Tracking. The problem is that i don’t seem to see any Rule or Triggers related to time tracking. Is this feature already complete?

  • Is there a way to have an overview of what task a developer is currently tracking without changing the way our tasks and projects are structured?

  • Is there a way to generate reports not based on task, but based on overall Actual Time spent within a month?
    For example, if a Task is assigned to dev A, but is tracked by dev A and dev B, generating a report will say that dev A spent all of the time for that task. What we want is instead of looking at the Tasks, we want to look at all the Time Tracked entries, how many hours dev A spent and how many hours dev B spent.