Thumbnail doesn't display when images are from google drive

Is there any approach to display thumbnail of images from google drive?

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@Yuan_Li What do you mean by approach? If you’re seeing an issue or struggling to make something happen we’ll be happy to help. It would be be helpful if you could provide a screenshot and explain in a bit more detail what you’re trying to do. Thanks!

When we attach an image from google drive, it doesn’t display thumbnail in the comment.


Thanks for adding this screenshot, Yuan. What you’re experiencing is a bug. Our product team is aware of it. Thanks for your patience as we work on resolving the issue!


What really? I always thought that was intended. Having thumbnails show for google drive images or anything would be incredible.


Haha that’s amazing. This bug has a silver lining!

Is this bug decided to fix?

Yes, our product team is aware of this bug and it has been prioritized. :slight_smile:

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It’s now June 2017 and it seems that this bug persists. What the timeline look like for this problem to be fixed? Thank you.

Conversely, when I choose Dropbox it works,

…I’ve double checked and now the Google Drive attachment doesn’t even take me directly to the file. It tries links to a Google Extension plugin: ConceptBoard. Which displays nothing of use. Please help.

That sounds more like a google issue (the redirect) or add-on issue than anything - the thumbnail previews using gdrive still aren’t working, but the linking to another plugin doesn’t sound like them - sounds like you.

For instance, I foolishly used one of those pdf conversion plugins once, gave it limited access as requested - then, a few weeks ago (without revoking access ugh) some of my attached from drive files in email were taking people to the luminpdf site - not the file, nothing. I had to directly link to the file url in the email, rather than use google’s attachment button.

And then I revoked access. =)

Thank you. Not sure what happened here, but it the attachments are
instantly click/viewable now.

BTW, Google Thumbnails work fine on Trello for us. Perhaps it’s not simply
a Google problem as it takes 2 to tango. :wink: As soon as such things are
ironed out, Asana will have a long term client in us.

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Definitely having the ability to see thumbnails when using Google Drive would be a nice update. Our company relies heavily on Google Drive and sharing images.


I’ll cabbage on to the thread and say that our team would really love to see images. It’s been on and off and I’d love to see it consistently display!


It is now late november 2018… still no thumbnails when importing images from Google Drive. Please fix this asap, ASANA people :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow-up @Christian_Antonsen :slight_smile:

We’re on it, and I’m hoping to have some news to share soon!

Happy Friday!

Hey @Marie, looks like it’s still not working, right?

Hi @Philipp_von_Kunhardt and welcome to the Forum!

We didn’t get any recent reports and I can’t seem to reproduce the issue on my end at the moment. Would you mind sending me a screenshot of what you see when attaching something from Google Drive? If you could also give me the URL of the task in question, it would be super useful!

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Marie, thanks for your fast reply. I have attached the screenshot. The link is: