Thumbnail doesn't display when images are from google drive

Thank you so much for the quick reply @Philipp_von_Kunhardt,

I can’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue on my end, so before I file a bug with our development team, could you help me making sure the issue is not browser related? If you could just answer the two questions below it would be super useful:

  1. Can you log into your asana account from an incognito window and let me know if you can reproduce the issue?
  2. Is this happening on 1 specific task, or multiple ones?

Thank you so much for your help, I look forward to your reply!

Hi Marie,
I logged in from a different browser (Firefox instead of Chrome).

- here’s the link to the task:

One last question @Philipp_von_Kunhardt, was this “Operations Project” duplicated from another project? (Just asking because I got a similar case last week: Duplicated Projects with Attachments Do Not Show Thumbnail)

No, it was not. Just a brand new project.

Marie, did you have any update on this? Would love to see those thumbnails!

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Hi @Philipp_von_Kunhardt,

Just heard back from our Team who confirmed this should be fixed in the next couple of weeks! Will make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!

Hi Marie, looks like it’s still not working. Any update on this?

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Hi @Philipp_von_Kunhardt, and thanks for the follow-up!

The fix hasn’t yet been pushed but our team is aware of it; I’ll follow-up as soon as I have an update on this topic! Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience caused!

Yes, just realized this bug myself. Would definitely like a fix please.