The progress tab on long-lived projects?



Hey folks,

Wondering if anybody else besides us has struggled with making the most of the Progress tab for long-lived projects such as our Bugs project. We’ve had that project around for many years at this point and the graph is now sufficiently compressed that looking at it doesn’t bring much value. It would be great if there was a way for the graph to perhaps only account for the most recent tasks instead of ALL of the tasks from all time

Any best practices here for how to deal with it, or is this only something the Asana team can address with a product change?


Apologies, this is the actual image.


I believe most people with this issue just break down their projects into smaller chunks. For instance, instead of just “Sales Leads” as a permanent project, you would open, use, and then archive projects called “Sales Leads 2018” or “Sales Leads 2018/Q2”. Alternatively, you can do bulk moves of completed items from “Sales Leads” to “Sales Leads COMPLETED”.

I’ve started using the latter technique as a way to declutter the new timeline (as it too reflects a project view that is burdened with the less-interesting past). It’s a burden to do the extra moves, and has downsides, but does provide a high degree of control.

Asana doesn’t offer any more flexibility than that, to my knowledge. I find this to be a shortcoming as I want a lot of flexible control over project views.