Looking for tips on tracking progress across dozens of Projects

We have a situation where we’re going to have 4 teams, each team with DOZENS of Projects.

Our team leaders definitely need a way of looking at all of those projects (on one screen, with or without needing to scroll) basically like a list view, so we can see the status of all those projects.

Note, I’m not talking about the “status” that is built into Asana (“on track, off track, at risk, complete”), because those are woefully too generic and insufficient.

The progress that our Projects will have is approximately 30-40 steps, in a linear fashion.

Ideally, our project would have a single-select Custom Field at the very top of the screen for all views seen by everyone. Rules would be set up such that as specific tasks are checked off, the value of that custom field changes to indicate what step of the process the project is on.

And, also, a list view (and maybe a board view?) of looking at all the Projects within a Team to see what that custom field is set to.

Unfortunately I cannot find anything remotely close to this. The only workaround I’ve found is one that nobody in our company likes------ I have placed a task in every project called “ProjectName STATUS” and multi-homed that task into a “Progress Check” Project. Within that STATUS task, I have a custom field with all those steps, and progress is tracked via that custom field.

That’s very unintuitive, because as our team members are checking off the various pre-built tasks that came from the Project Template, and then have to go into that STATUS task and change the value in that Custom Field.

Can anyone offer an alternative solution? Being a Team Leader and tracking the progress of all our Projects is quite difficult in Asana currently.

Hi @Matt5
Assuming that the Team Leader doesn’t want to track the completion of every tasks just key tasks that demonstrate/confirm progress of the project.

Assuming that each project has someone responsible for ensuring that the project is moving forward who is not the team leader. ie Project Manager, Lead, ScrumMaster etc.

Assuming one or both of the above assumptions are correct he is a couple of suggestions.

Have a set of Milestones in each project that represent the completion of a major step within the project. eg. Design Complete, Build Started etc. Add as dependencies to this Milestone any Task that is critical for the completion of that Milestone.
Assign that task to the Team Leader and add it to your Progress Check project.
Now when each dependency is check off as being done the TeamLead will be notified and the number of task blocking that dependency will reduce.

For the person who is responsible for the ensuring the project keeps moving forward. Have them utilising the Project Dashboard that has the number of tasks completed outstanding etc. Have them summarise the results into a Task that is multi homed in a project and use a couple of Custom Field with High Level Project Stage (design, build etc) and a percentage complete (25%,50%,75%) etc. to show progress.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @Matt5

Portfolios can have their own custom fields. When you add a project to a portfolio it will inherit those custom fields. When you do a project status, you update the custom fields as needed.

The beautiful thing is that your leadership can stay in the Portfolio and easily traverse back and forth in and out of projects if they want a deeper view. Leadership can also see the project status and a wealth of information.

When that is not enough, you can then take the portfolio and export out to PBI.

Portfolio with added Custom Fields for reporting (active section and video link)

Project status where I can update those custom fields that report into the portfolio

project status portfolio view

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You cannot do this in Asana.

You can build much more detailed reporting in Power BI including exception reports and velocity reports.

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