Unable to access "Project Progress" tab

I’m working on building out a project update system for our team. I wanted to use the “Project Progress” feature since I can utilize custom fields for the updates. Unfortunately, I’m unable to find the Project “Progress” tab in the projects I want to provide updates on. I can only access the “Progress” feature through Portfolios (which is too high-level for this need). What am I missing? How can I access it?

I’ve included an example from the Asana help page that shows a Project Progress tab in action.

I’ve also included an image of my project page that’s missing the “Progress” tab

My project tabs - missing Progress tab

I’m also having the same issue Paul. I don’t have the progress tab in the asana header where it should be…

Hello @Paul_Eisenstein. you are correct that the progress tab is no more. It have been upgraded to work better for teams. See the announcement of Overview and project brief below:

With this update we lost no functionality but it just got moved to better placing.
let me know if you need pointers to specific features.
PS. take a look at the project brief. I think it’s very helpful.

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OK cool, but then where is the " Remind me to update" option that used to be in progress, but now I cant find anywhere?

@Raymond_Russell Great question. It’s a bit hidden now, but if you follow the next few steps you will get to that:

  1. In the “Project Overview” tab click on the update status
  2. on this page you’ll find the toggle at the top right:
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