We created some custom project templates. They are public but some of our team can’t see them. They try to start a new project but this templates doesn’t show up even been public.

Hi @Tuti,

Template projects should be available to all members in your Organization. If templates are not appearing for some users in your Organization, I suspect they may be guests in the Organization and not full members.

Guests will have access just to the information that is shared with them and not to all public information in the Organization.

Can you please confirm if users who cannot access these templates have an email address at your Organization’s email domain?

Please keep me updated about this as I want to make sure that it works on your end.

Hi Barbara. I believe this is not the problem. The user who is not able to see the templates is part of the organization. He uses an email with organization’s domain.

Thanks for the reply, Cathya here from the Support Team chiming in.

In order to best assist you can you kindly send us a DM with the URL of the Template you are referring to and also an example email address of a user who’s unable to access this Template project?

Once we have this on hand we can investigate the root of the issue.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to our Support Team to assist with this, you can find more info on how to easily contact them here: How do I contact support

We look forward to hearing back from you soon, Tuti.


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Cathya, how can I send you a DM with all the information you need?

Thanks for the reply!

You can hover and click over my name/picture here in this thread and then, you’ll see the option to “Send a message”, this will send me a private message.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: