Template Editor displays columns incorrectly (skips fields)

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the bug you’re experiencing:
When editing a template, some columns (field) headers are shown but tasks are missing that field. this results in a header/field mismatch.

Steps to reproduce:
Open template editor for an existing template and compare field headers to the input type of the fileds below. In my case: There is a date field below the field header “Collaborators”. The date field belongs to the column one further to the right.

Browser version:
I am using the Asana Desktop App

What version of Asana are you using (Personal, Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise+, Premium, Business or legacy Enterprise)?
legacy Enterprise

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Christine_L thank you for flagging this. Can you confirm if the mismatch continues when you refresh the page or when you change to another view and back to list view? Also, do you see the same in the web browser?

Hi @Vanessa_N , this shift happens in several Templates, it remains the same after closing and opening the Template again and in the web browser, too.

Since standard Asana fields are not selectable in the Template Editor, we kind of forced them in there by creating the Template from a project that contained the Collaborator field incl. field values. Maybe this is part of the issue?