Issues when using a project template

Why is the following happening. I have a template I use all the time, very specific. Now when I try to use it, Asana adds due dates, which I don’t need and hides Tags which I do need. I’ve checked the template and it’s still set up the same. This constant tinkering with Asana is infuriating, the whole archiving and unarchiving has added so much time. I find it so much more unproductive.

Hi @Jo_Morris,

I moved your post to a new thread since it’s really a distinct set of issues from the other thread where it was posted, and people will see it more prominently here.

When you say it adds due dates - do you have relative dates set up on your tasks in the template? By relative dates, I mean:

If so, that’s where the dates are coming from in your new projects.

I tested this and I see your point; if you have a Tags column showing in the template, it’s hidden in the resulting project. I would recommend you create a report on this in the Report a Bug section of the forum as it seems like a bug to me.

Hi Phil, thanks for getting back. I will report the bug re Tags. I don’t need the column Due Date. I removed from the template I created and created my own Delivery Date column as it’s for physical stock. Now I have to hide this column and then unhide the tags. I’m finding everything with Asana takes a lot longer.

Oh OK, @Jo_Morris, you’re saying you hide the Due Date column but it shows in the resulting project. So it’s really the same issue, and it seems like a bug to me. I would term it something like “List view on project created from template doesn’t respect the fields shown and hidden in the template”.

I see you posted the bug report. I renamed it per my above suggestion., hope that’s OK. :slight_smile: