template column order

When I create a new project from my template, the column order doesn’t populate in the order I have in my template.

Hello @Chantelle_Drury,
does your project template have some special sort or filter set?
Because if so then these don‘t carry over, see point 7 in this list.

No we don’t have any sort or filter. I just have the columns ordered differently.

Oh do you potentially mean columns in list view such as assignee, due date, creation date, etc and not the sections?

Because if so then it might have to do with which ones you have visible or hidden like this user explained as well here ?

This is my template:

when I use it to create a new project, it doesn’t keep the columns in that order. So I have to change the order of the columns after I use the template to create a new project.

So this is what you see when you click “edit template”? Can you try to create a project from the template, amend it the way you need it and store it again as a fresh template? Does the same thing happen?

Because I have just tested it on my end and I am unable to reproduce the issue

Template and custom fields are displayed in the following order

And for the project I created from the template the exact same order shows in list view.

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I created a new template, and when I create a new project from the new template, it still puts the due date just after the assignee column, even though I have the due datein a different spot in my template.

Was this ever resolved? I am having the same issue. When a new project is created from a template, Collaborators and Dependencies are hidden, I have to manually toggle them to visible, even though they’re visible in my template.

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