Sorting Task Templates

I have been utilizing the task template feature a lot lately and I have about 20 different templates to choose from which has streamlined a lot when it comes to project management!

I think having the ability to sort task templates would be a great addition, just like Asana features sorting custom fields in a project.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for providing this feedback, @Mike_Tammaro!

This would be a great addition!

Hopefully we can see our Product team implement it in the future :slight_smile:


I’ll second this request! We have many custom fields controlling the sections within our [old/legacy] templates and have no way of seeing those sections with the new template format.

In addition, it would greatly help our Project Manager if the projects would follow the same pre-set sort when the project is created using the template!

It’s frustrating that this is now not possible with the new template functionality and is just silly that it’s now a separate step. Please add this functionality!

Yes! It doesn’t make any sense that we had the feature with the old templates, but now are unable to format the template the way we need to. Not only does it take a number of extra steps during the project creation process to get the project to the correct format, but it also makes it difficult to edit the template. The tasks are all mixed up. It requires looking though all the tasks individually to find the task that needs editing.

So inefficient!!!

Sorting Task templates is possible from the Customize menu, using the grips on the left (2x3 dots) to drag them up/down in the preferred order.


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