Sorting Task templates within the new Customize menu redesign

There has been a solution marked since 2023, but I do not have this option with the dots?

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Hi @Tyler_Luce , the latest redesign (which is an A/B test) unfortunately has missed this functionality. :confused:

I’ve slightly rephrased your thread title for better searchability, hope you don’t mind!

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@Marie , @Emily_Roman , could you kindly escalate this to the product team?



Thanks for the heads up @Richard_Sather, I’ve shared this feedback with the team running this experiment. We’ll circle back here once the test is over!


duplicated topic: Sort Task Templates - #4 by Alexander_Chistyakov

With the new update, we no longer have the ability to sort task templates in the Customize section. Please bring this feature back! Thank you.

YES PLEASE this is an annoying loss

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It used to be functional. For instance, you could refer to this topic: Sorting Task Templates.

However, currently, there seems to be a lack of capability to rearrange task templates.

Thanks for the heads up @Alexander_Chistyakov .
I’ve merged these threads into one and all votes have been consolidated.

Note to all, the redesign of the Customize menu is part of an A/B test so it may simply go away or stay… or stay and hopefully get reinstated!