Hide columns and change width in a template

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I’ve created a project and hidden some columns (Assigne, date,…) and changed columns width, and converted this project into a template. Now, when using this template, the hidden columns will be displayed (so not hidden), and the columns with will be back to default.

This has been the same since the beginning and I’m not sure if this is the right topic where I can post this request, since I believe this must be posted as a “Feature request”, but, I’ve also posted it here in order to know if there’s a workaround :smiling_face:!

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PS: I don’t mind moving this post to the right topic!

Hello @AskHamza,

As it stands I don‘t think that is possible.
It is also listed as point 7 in this overview on features not available for project templates v2.

And here is also a feedback request thread about this topic.

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Hello @Andrea_Mayer,
Thanks for your quick reply.
I checked both links on your comment but I don’t think it related to my request.
The issue I’m facing is when saving a template in a certain way, like hiding fields, adjusting column width, I save the layout as default, then I convert the project into a Template.
What I’m expecting is to have the same configuration when using this template in a new project, but it’s not happening.
I hope it’s clearer now :smiling_face:

Thanks for clarifying. But yeah as far as I know this is not possible at the moment.

Hi there,

I just found a solution for my request :upside_down_face:

When you convert a project into a template, in step 1, you have to click on “Customize” and then you can hide/show columns by turning off the blue toggle of the desired field. That way when you use this template in order to create a project, the columns that you choose to hide will be hidden by default.

Now this answers my first question. As for adjusting the column width I could not find a solution so far.

I hope this will help our community.


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