Allow users to edit fields in templates provided by Asana



I recently used one of the templates to create a project for my team 1:1 meetings. The template is great, but uses the words ‘Manager’ and ‘Report’ where we would use ‘Team leader’ and ‘Team member’. I contacted support to see if I could edit these, but found that I couldn’t because it was an Asana-created template. I got round it by creating new fields and deleting the Asana-created ones, but I think it should be possible to edit the original ones. Surely a template is just that - a starting point that can be customised to suit?


Hi @ria.blagburn and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

You’re 100% right, as it stands, there is no easy way to edit these templates. However, I would recommend saving this “modified template project” as a brand new template, so if you need this template in the future, you won’t need to modify it again, you will be able to use your own version of the template.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: