Team Member versus Project Commenter versus Multi-Homed Tasks

My use-case:

  1. I have a guest at an outside organization. I want that guest to be able to view their project(s), be assigned some tasks, have the ability to comment on the tasks. I do not want the guest to be able to make changes to our project board or add tasks to the board.
  2. I would also like to multi-home some of the tasks on the guest’s board to another board that should not be visible to the guest. Specifically, I have multiple client project boards that feed into an active Sprint board. I want the client to be able to see their project board without seeing what’s happening in the collective, active Sprint board.


  1. A coworker invited some guests to be a part of the Client-specific Team, along with our internal people who work on the client’s projects. Should I remove the guest from the team? Then invite them to the project board instead, so that I can make the guest “comment-only” while leaving the internal team members with “edit” permissions on all the projects?
  2. If the guest is on the team with “edit” permissions on the project, but is also individually listed on the project with “comment-only” permissions, what permissions does the guest truly have?
  3. If tasks on the client project is multi-homed to the Sprint project, will the guest be able to see the Sprint project even though they’re not on the Sprint Team, nor invited to the Sprint project board?



  1. If the Team (in which guest is added) will have multiple public projects which doesn’t concern the guest then the Guest should be removed from the team and added to the respective projects instead.
  2. If guest is on the Team then they have “Comment only” permission for Projects where they are given “Comment only” rights and “Edit” permission by default for all the rest of the projects within that Team (except private projects where they are not added)
  3. If a task is multi-homed and guest tries to click on the project to which they do not have access, they would get a message “Looks like you do not have access to this”.


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Thanks Vaibhav. To clarify your #2 point: If the Team has “edit” permissions to the project and the guest is a part of the Team, but on one project has “comment-only” permissions, then that guest will only be able to comment on the one project? In other words, the project permissions supersede the Team permissions. Correct?

Correct. Project permission will supersede Team permission. However, the Guest will have Edit permission for all the rest of the public projects in that Team, unless specified otherwise.

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Thank you so much! This helps immensely!