Guest access to project with multi-homed tasks

Hi there;
If a guest has access to a project that has tasks that are multi-homed, can the guest access the task in the project that is the 2nd home?
In our case, we use multi-homing to manage our weekly sprints, so tasks from multiple projects are added to the sprint board.

Thx in advance for any help on this.

@Marc_Kleinmann, If a guest has access to see the task, then they can see it regardless of how many homes it has (there’s just one task, really). A guest can see the task if they are the assignee or a collaborate, or if the guest has access to any one of the projects in which the task appears.

It’s a little confusing, but hope that helps. Might want to read up on Permissions in since it’s a very flexible system for permissions/access rights.

Hope that helps,