Guests can modify tasks even though they don't have permission? Guests only comments please!

I am not sure how to set the permissions right here. I have a team which only hosts guests for viewing purposes. They, the team, have access to six projects. Under the share settings, I assigend the whole Team, so everyone can have a look. I activated the “Can Comment” option. But still they can add tasks and modify them. I don´t want that - its just vor viewing purposses. Maybe I need to add each guest individually to a project and then set to “Can comment”. But the the Team assignment would be useless.
Please can anybody help?

Hi @Felix_Thiemer , welcome to the forum :wave:

Yes, you would need to invite each guest to the project and then, from the ‘Share’ button, set their permission to ‘Can comment’. You can leave the team setting at the top of the Share list to ‘Can edit’. As long as the project is Public to your team, there is no need to add your team members to the projects unless you want them to receive notifications for tasks added, messages and status updates.

If the project is private, then you would need to add all relevant team members individually as well as guests and set each of their permission settings from the Share button.