Task owner has comment only permission

Hi all,

Perhaps this is a silly question, but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong:
I work in Operations and have many projects that are visible only to the operations team in my org. However, I frequently have to assign a task or sub-task to every member in my team (for example, “View the instructional video”) and those tasks live within my private project. I don’t want to make the project public as the majority of the tasks within it are only related to the operations team and don’t need to be public.

One of the members is complaining that the sub-task that I assigned to her is comment only, meaning that she is unable to multi-home it to her private project, nor can she edit the description. Is this expected behavior? I would have thought that as a task owner she would be able to make changes to that specific task.

Just to recap, the project is private to the operations team, I have assigned sub-tasks to users from my organization who are not collaborators on the project, and they comments-only permission on the sub-tasks that they are responsible for.

I can’t find anything specific to this on the forums…

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Hi Nina,

Just to clarify the subtask is assigned to her but she is still getting comment only permissions on it?
Additionally, Multihoming it into her project? She should have a my tasks where it appears if she is the assignee?

Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick reply!
Yes, the subtask is assigned to the user but she gets the message “Comments Only”. I have attached the image (in Spanish) that the subtask owner sent, you can see in the upper right hand corner it says “Solo comentar / Comments only” and she appears as the person responsible for the subtask.

We don’t use My Tasks in my organization, we use a project where we multi-home all tasks assigned to us to the project (we are in the process of changing to My Tasks, but for the moment about half the team doesn’t use it).

Thank you!!

Hi @Nina_Wine if she clicks on the three dots next to ‘solo comentar’ she doesn’t get the option to add to project?

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Hello @Nina_Wine

If you assigned the subtask to your colleague, they should be able to multi home it.
If you added them as collaborators, they wont be able to multi home.

You can read about the permissions here: Project permissions | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

I also make sure that tasks assigned to me get immediately multi homed in a project private to me to help manage my workload.
To avoid missing any tasks, I create a rule:

Go to My Task: Create a Rule:
Every time a task is assigned to me → add the task to project X (private to me)

Simple step that would automatically direct all newly assigned tasks to me into my project of my choice.

Check it out and ask your team to try it out. It should resolve the issue.

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Hi @Rashad_Issa and @Danielle-GenD,

Thank you both for your replies!

I have asked my colleague if she is able to add to the project with the option of the three dots, I will see what she replies ( :crossed_fingers:).

We are using Asana Premium so cannot create the rule to multi-home tasks assigned to a user to their personal project but are hoping to upgrade to Asana Business in the coming months!

There are various workarounds that I can think of to help this situation but I would like to know what is causing it since, as the person responsible for the subtask, she should be able to mutli home/modify it.

Thank you both very much for your help, I will post back here as soon as my colleague gets back to me :slight_smile: