Tasks & Project | Preview Feature

USE CASE | Our Creative Department uses Asana (Premium) for the following;
– Meeting Notes
– Sermon Series Implementation
– Worship Team Production Schedules
– Event and Holiday Planning
– Communications & Video Requests
– Volunteer On Boarding & Training
– Control Books
– Video Production

FEATURE IDEA | Introduce a Preview Feature that displays a brief overview of a Task/Project when you hover over the Task/Project Name. It could be a Hack that can be turned on and off.

Some Ideas for what this could include;
Preview Info | Task/Project Name, Custom Fields (Premium), and Preview of the Description.

Example | Similar to when you hover the mouse over a Task Collaborator’s profile icon to see their Name, Job Title, Department and About Me Info.

App Compatibility | Desktop View could have a Hover Over Feature and the App could be something like tap the screen once to Preview and twice to click into the Task/Project.

TEAM IMPACT | Preview would positively impact workflow and allow team members to quickly scan through Tasks/Projects to find the info they need.

The biggest bottlenecks we’ve experienced are;
Meeting Notes | This feature would save time for team members who are searching for specific info that was discussed in a Meeting.

Project Request Forms & Volunteer On Boarding | Preview would allow for quick access to Request Info or Volunteer Contact Info. We could quickly scan through the long lists of Project Request / Volunteer Tasks.

Production Schedules | Quickly determine where we’re at in the Production Schedule Timeline. It’d also be helpful for Stakeholders; Preview could give them an overview of what occurs at a specific stage in the timeline.

– We’ve tried listing Agenda Items in the Task Name, which ended up being too much info.
– We’re going to try attaching a graphic with Agenda Items / brief info to see if that helps the team; we primarily use Boards, so the attachment will display when viewing the project.

Hi @Jessica_Papen Welcome to the community and great idea have upvoted this one.


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Welcome to the Forum @Jessica_Papen and thank you for taking time to share this great feedback!

I too agree it would be super handy to have a Preview feature to quickly scan through Task and Projects, I hope this is something we can implement in the future! :crossed_fingers: