Quick Tip: See details for all your project's tasks at once


  • Do you sometimes want to see the Task Description and/or Subtasks for multiple tasks but find it tedious having to click into each task one-by-one?
  • Or maybe you’ve just gotten access to a project that’s new to you and want to quickly get an understanding of the breadth of its content?

Believe it or not, Print Preview comes to the rescue!

Open the Project actions menu, hover Export/Print, then choose Print and you’ll see something like this:

You can rapidly and continuously scroll for the quickest view possible of every section and task in detail in the project.

Each task includes:

  • Task title
  • Assignee
  • Due date
  • Every non-empty Custom field name and value for the task
  • Task description in full
  • All Subsections and Subtasks titles, Assignees, and Due dates

When done with your scan, click the Cancel button to dismiss the preview.

Using this trick is often my first move when a client shares a project with me and I want to suss it out.

Also, for an entirely different way to see details about multiple tasks at once, consider Asana2Go’s (disclaimer: I’m the creator) Interactive Tables.

You can quickly customize the columns, selecting from over 20 choices, including showing the full Task Description rich text in line, or a hoverable icon to see the Task Description pop up.

Happy project perusing,



Print preview!? Who would have guessed! I perhaps used it once and never again since :sweat_smile:

I would still choose Asana2Go everytime, over Print preview, without a doubt :smiley:


Interesting use case!

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Nice workarounds. Quite disappointing that Asana does not have such functionality in it’s basic form.