Is it possible to view (unfold) all subtasks at once?

I unfortunately have a very important stakeholder (the company owner) who refuses to learn Asana as a way to check in on progress across projects.

Hope this will change as I build out the BI side of the tool. But for now, he just wants a printed report on his desk.

Unfortunately, the printing functionality of Asana is pretty wonky and doesn’t produce something anyone can really interpret. But, I can probably live with taking a screen shot of the project and printing that

I need the subtasks visible though.

Is there a way to expand all subtasks with one or two actions?

Hi @FenwayJohnny,

Asana only offers two ways to print:

  • Project actions: prints all tasks
  • Task actions: prints one task

The latter will show all levels of subtasks, I think.

See also:

for mentions of Asana Expander and Asana Load More and perhaps others which may help in opening things.

My Asana2Go provides printing options but not every subtask level.



For a single project, Asana already has exactly what you’re asking for, I think: [project]//Export/Print//Print//Print to PDF

When I try this, all (1st level) subtasks are exploded; in fact, I’m not sure that I could hide them if I wanted. But it’s a nice view I think your stakeholder will enjoy.

Yea Ive tried that. But it prints off text in the description field and makes it all very noisy, very quick.

Its unusable for what I need it for unfortunately.