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I will like to see the different tasks and subtasks of a project in the list view of Asana projects in such a way that I do not have to expand. But not as separated tasks but see the view of the tasks and the subtasks coming from the task expanded. Rather than having to click on the “triangle”. Is that possible?

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HI @Natalia_Homs there is no native solution to this. Someone else asked this question before Force expand subtasks in list view and Larry gave a 3rd party solution.

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Not a perfect solution, but marking as “Solution” to highlight a key reply.

Hi @Natalia_Homs - you are correct that there is no way natively in Asana to auto expand all subtasks. @Danielle-GenD linked you to a great, focused tip for how to set up a shortcut for that.

But, if it helps, my team built a free-to-use tool that can do this for you that shows up as a button in Asana.

The feature is called, “Bulk Open/Close > Expand All Subtasks”

  • After you grab the free forever license,
  • you’ll see this dropdown in your browser,
  • and click SuperNav > Bulk Open/Close to turn the button on.

It’s part of our Asana app, This feature is available in our “Free Forever” license.

:point_right:Get the “Free Forever” license here: | Asana Superpowers

It’ll give you access to 40+ custom features in Asana, and the free version lets you choose any 3 features to keep free forever!

And please let us know of other wishlist items, things you wish you could do with Asana. We release 1-2 new features and enhancements per week.

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