Tasks in Today are made yellow

Personally i think that the automatic yellow color that are applied to tasks in “today”, are a bit much. It seems unnecessary to further highlight them. They are already under a specifik header, so there is really no need. A more elegant solution could be to make the whole “today” “area” a different color.

I know its a small thing, but what do you guys think?

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I would vote for making the whole area of Today as a different color.

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I just opened my laptop at home, and i immediately noticed that the yellow color was not there!! What, is it just my laptop, or did you guys @Alexis remove it?

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@Peter_Skjoldager I see a green color for today, actually. The yellow you saw may have been a result of some testing going on. Sounds like you’re in luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

This i what i mean. On my stationary computer (windows 7 prof) - Chrome Version 57.0.2987.110 it looks like the above.

On my laptop (windows 10) - Chrome same version, it looks like your screenshot @Alexis

Isent that weird?

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Hi @Peter_Skjoldager and thank you for sharing that screenshot, browser and OS details, super helpful for us to debug. I’m a product manager here, and that highlighting you’re experiencing is not intended, we will investigate what’s going on. Thanks!


Hi @Peter_Skjoldager,
Aren’t you using a Chrome extension, Asana Plus?

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Hi @ShunS, i was - and the yellow color disappeared when i removed it. Thanks a lot.

I need it on OPERA / Linux Mint. :smile: