Control Start date and Due Date colors


Tasks due for Today show up as Green. Also tasks due for Tomorrow appear green. I would like to change that, tomorrow due tasks should be a different color.

Overdue Tasks are Red. I would like today’s due tasks be Red and Overdue tasks perhaps a bold red color.

Any ideas how do I get that?

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As it stands, it is not possible to modify the color on the Due dates. I’m moving your post to the #productfeedback category so you and other users can vote for this idea. I hope it’s OK.

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Currently Asana only changes the color of a date ranges (as red) once the end date has past. Also when ordering tasks by due date, these ranges are placed at the end of the list via the end date rather than the start date.

My recommendation is to color coat these date ranged due dates a tertiary color (maybe yellow) once the start date is passed and placing these in order using the start date rather than the end date.

Reason being, my eyes follow the list downwards and if I have a task with a range of Dec 4th - 7th but it shows at the end of the list (and without a color differentiation), I might as well should have opted for a due date on the 7th rather than a range.


I love this idea, I will occasionaly task my interns things in date range (them knowing it is not priority) but they tend to not see them because they fall down their list. If they have extra time, they would have worked on it. Making them yellow (or similar color) after the start date, or moving them using start date would be helpful for us as well.

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when a task has a start date-end date set, and the start date has passed, it doesn’t turn blue (same formatting/color as tasks due Today/Tomorrow). It would be great to be able to change this so all tasks that I intend to work on “Today” including tasks with a date range active today are all viewable in the same color.

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Any update on this? I’d love to see the incomplete tasks due today and in the next 2 days in yellow instead of green. So the overdue tasks as red, and the ones that are at risk (meaning tasks that will be due soon), to have their due dates in yellow so I can capture them easily.

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Is this something still being considered? It would be great if we could choose our own colours for the dates.