Can Tasks with Due Date Ranges Show Up In My Tasks on Their Start Date rather than End Date?

Hi, the view I use in My Tasks list is to not have any sections but to simply have all tasks assigned to me sorted by Due Date. When I have tasks that include a date range, they only show in the list on their end date. In order to better plan my work, I’d like them to show up in My Tasks on their start date (so I know to start working on it ahead of when it is due). Is there a way to do this or any other workaround?


The Calendar view would be a view for you then.

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@Matt_Dickinson might be able to help, he uses the Calendar view on My Tasks (I don’t)

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Hi @Ashley_DeVore! :wave:

I agree that organizing your My Tasks view in Asana to view tasks by the Start date and not the ending due date can be extremely helpful in focusing your efforts into the work that needs to get done now. I agree with @Bastien_Siebman that using the Calendar View of My Tasks is a great place to start with this. When it comes to My Tasks in Asana, I almost exclusively use the calendar view. It essentially functions like a live weekly/monthly planner allowing you to focus in on the tasks that have due date ranges for the current week. Tasks that are given a date-range for their due date are displayed across the days within the date range. The image below provides a screenshot of My Tasks for this week (sanitized but you can see how it would look):

You can see how the purple and orange tasks at the top extend across multiple days in the week since they have a due date range. Does this help you?


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Thank you, I can see how the calendar view helps–was just hoping there was a way to change the setting in List View.

Not really a solution,
before the update this worked fine. even overdue tasks came were put on the today…

Looks like a bug to me. Overdue and startdate should always be on today.