My Tasks not showing in due time order in calendar view

Hi, I can’t get My Tasks to sort by due time in Calendar view.

I read an old thread which said it was a bug and now resolved, but it’s most definitely happening for me, this is the first time I tried to use calendar view.

There is no option to automatically sort.

Month view is sorting correctly, but week view isn’t, and it’s week view that I would like to use as month view is too small…



Hi @Sophie_Nicole_Casey ,

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This is expected behaviour in the Week View. Changing it would break other workflows. The team is working on adding some filtering features to this view. Check this out:

You probably know that already, but you can use the List view, order the tasks by Due Date and they will respect the due time too.

I usually use the week view to plan the week and get mental order by sorting the tasks manually in order of importance or relationship; then I switch to the List view to focus on the day and get things done. The week view has too much information for deep focus for my taste :slight_smile:


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