Sort Calendar View by Due Time


I have a very basic request that many other users have asked for and yet has not been resolved due to some technical limitation w conflicting weekly and monthly views for the calendar view when a user clicks my tasks.

Ideal UX: I create my tasks with due date and time for myself - say 10 for tomorrow. Then I can go to calendar view and see all ten stacked ideally in order of due date AND time. Currently, there is no time preference.

Quick Fix: Add a button at top right similar to the list view, where a user can click “Sort days by Due Time”. Initially, it wont save that setting because it will conflict with month view so just make it manual

This will save me a ton of time - thanks!

1 sample of 10 other threads requesting this: Sort tasks in Calendar View for My Tasks by due time + completed task at the bottom of the list - #17 by Sarah_Baker

Let’s get something live asap - i dont want to switch task products as I set up everything and this owuld be a killer for me