Tasks cant be marked & closed as incomplete or redundant



I love asana and have got everyone I work with on it. but there is one big annoying disadvantage which is tasks that are not done or incomplete or its too late to do them or we have decided not to do them this time, but we want it on record so dont want to delete them. There is no option for that. it is either complete or delete. No in between. Which is annoying because that is not how tasks usually always evolve. Sometimes they become redundant but they should be on record. Or sometimes the deadline has passed. Like I have recurring daily tasks. somedays I dont do it. But I want to be able to see days I have not done it and days I have. No option for that. its very frustrating.


Understand the concern for not wanting to delete them.
Can you explain your concern with not just completing them and adding a comment with why you are doing the task.

You could also use a custom field/check box to record that it was a redundant task.