Allow to Decline, Fail & Aborting Tasks



What about not marking Tasks as Done, but marking them as “failed” or “aborted” or “declined”?
Something like Hiting the “Complete”-Checkmark with “Alt”-Key.
Sometimes I decide not to do a planed task. I don’t want to mark it as done.
Would be great to do this without adding a task for it.


Yes! :point_up_2: My coworker and I would also love a way to note that a task was intentionally not completed. We may not want to permanently delete the task for a number of reasons (for example, it’s a recurring task that we skipped this time but intend to complete the next time it recurs, or we want to be able to duplicate the project with that task included for future use). Currently the choices are to check a task as completed that wasn’t actually done (making us liars!), delete the task (as if it never existed!), or leave it on our task list (not just cluttering it up but also a useless reminder of our past failures!).

“Failed” or “declined” tasks would disappear from our current task list but be preserved with an option to view (see screenshot – In the view settings there is currently Incomplete, Complete, and All Tasks; there could also be the “Declined” category or however it’s identified.)



Yes! I’m trying to find a system that fits my planning needs, and this is the main area that Asana falls short. It is important to keep track of failures, especially if you’re trying to build good habits. Or if you want the full picture of what’s going on.

Is there no alternative method? Or do I just have to keep looking for something else?