Mark a task as "didn't do"

Sometimes I want to check off a task because I DIDN’T do it, not because I completed it. I want to keep the record that I attempted this task. This is often something like, “get feedback from person X”, which I attempt to do multiple times to no avail. This is something that I have TRIED to do, but I haven’t actually achieved. During project review, the little green check marks all suggest that these are things that I have, in fact, successfully completed. It would be very useful if there were a different colour check mark for “won’t do/didn’t complete/rejected/failed”.

I have seen Mark types of resolution (wontfix; completed; no longer relevant), which I have tried, but it turns out that the suggestion of occasionally adding in a custom field in a project just to add this note is more effort than anyone in my team is willing to put in for something that they haven’t done. Also, when scanning through the list of “completed tasks”, the most eye-catching part is the column of little green ticks - no-one looks to see if this project might have a hidden field that will explain that some of these “completed” task are NOT actually completed.

Does Asana have any plans to have more than just “complete/incomplete” for the check mark? Something like “rejected” or “didn’t do” or “task cancelled” or similar.


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If you’re on Business or Enterprise, you can Mark as Approval then set to Reject (though you can’t search for Reject which would be nice).

Also, on any plan you can tag #NotDone or similar which works cross-project without custom field addition and tag view would let you see all the #NotDone tasks if desired.

Not suggesting you not ask for another solution, just offering some workarounds you can use right now.




Hi @Tania_Strahan, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

This would be a helpful feature - hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:


@lpb Your suggestion of using Mark as Approval then set to Reject is actually pretty simple, and gives me the effect I want!


Hi @Tania_Strahan,

This topic is interesting :slight_smile:
I have managed such tasks by prepending something like “[Cancelled]” or “:x:” or “:no_entry:” before the task name.
Using a special prefix would make it easy to find the tasks later with Advanced Search. (I haven’t decided which works best.)


This is something we could use as well ( I see this is not active in a while - just wanted to give my +1 ) :slight_smile:

My tip on this may be of value, until/if Asana offers more functionality:



This is exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes my daily tasks do not get done, but if I don’t check it it keeps showing up unless I delete it or chrck it anyway, butI want to keep track of my consistency. I love the different color coding idea.
Example is my workout. I have them preplanned, so it only counts if I do it THAT day, and the next day is counted only for that day ( make sense?)