Mark types of resolution (wontfix; completed; no longer relevant)


When I see a task completed by a colleague, I need to dig around to find out why – it was fixed (here’s the github PR!); we decided not to do it; we realized its’ obsolete. Sometimes, we forget to add in that extra comment at the bottom, and so there’s no way to know why the task was closed.

Can I add to the template a variety of different “completed” reasons?


Hi @Danyel_Fisher and welcome to the forum!

Do you have a paid Asana plan? If so, then you have access to custom fields, which would be a great solution to your need. You can create a drop-down-list custom field - you might call it Resolution Type or Reason Completed or something like that - and define the list entries as all of the resolution types you want to choose from.

You can add this custom field to any projects where you want it to appear.