Check as done or "done" as custom field?

Hi there! I run a small marketing and design department. I’ve been thinking about the best way to communicate in Asana the tasks the client demands.

Sometimes it’s hard to see whats is done and what not of the workflow so I don’t know if the right way to do is adding a “state” custom field with for example “to do”, “in progress”, “done”…

Teams who use this type of fields, pros a cons? when do you check a task as done with this method?

Thank you for your thoughts and excuse my english :slight_smile:

Hi @Juan_Garcia_Alvarez! I’m glad to see you’ve reached out to our Community! Many Asana customer find the to do / in progress / done custom fields helpful for getting everyone on the same page about the balance of work yet to be done. Seeing a project with these custom fields paints a clear picture of work for the project manager and anyone visiting the project. However, if you’re interested in task collaborators getting an inbox notification when a task is complete, then I recommend that you mark tasks as complete in addition to or as an alternative to the done custom field. This way, you can be sure that everyone is informed about your work accomplishments. Remember, also, that you can filter a project view by complete, incomplete, or all tasks, so even if you mark tasks as complete it is possible to get a big picture view of your work.

Let us know if you have any other questions!