Incomplete Task

Help! I have a repeating task I did not complete yesterday and it’s too late to complete now. What do I do with it?


Hi @Lelia_Stephens! Not to worry! What you can do is simply mark the repeating (recurring) task from yesterday complete, and Asana will automatically create a new task for when it is next due. You can also add a comment to the task explaining why you are marking it complete if you wish.


Great thank you

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Hi Luke, I know you can’t talk about future plans, but it would be nice to be able to mark recurring tasks as “incomplete” or “abandoned” or something like that. For example: Let’s say there is a task I need done daily (assuming weekdays only). And the team member did it M, T, W, … F. The problem is, if he completes it on those days, there will be a gap, and it won’t be clear how many days he skipped in some instances. So it would be nice if we had some kind of option where a task could be marked incomplete, meaning, it’s too late to complete it.

This could be automatic with logic, once a deadline is missed, the piece goes to “abandoned” status. There should be an override to this, and that override would be noted in the task history.

It’s just odd having only two options, “incomplete” and “complete” but even the incomplete doesn’t track properly when you do recurring tasks. Using the example above, if someone skipped 3 days of things they should have done, Asana only shows Monday and Friday as being complete. But it doesn’t show the ones that weren’t completed. That’s what I’m looking for. While I can search for the completed tasks and comb through them to find which ones were actually incomplete/abandoned, that’s a pain.

I worked briefly in a system that not only allowed you to set a task as complete, but it actually allowed you to set the task’s workflow so it could be any number of things… then when you click on the complete item, it would present you with options, like:

Something to consider.


Love this idea!

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Yes, an option to mark a past due recruiting task as “incomplete or abandoned” is more logical than having to mark it as complete just to get ride of it from task list. Also, once task is marked as incomplete it would be nice to have show up in the calendar as incomplete to keep track of what days it was skipped or missed.