Ability to skip recurring task instead of Complete

One feature that would be useful for us is to be able to skip a (recurring) task instead of completing it.
We have a deadlines list for our admin team that has different tasks all set to recur on individual days and time frames, however when we look at it, it can be quite misleading if team members have not completed a task every day/week/month, but have to tick it to move on to the next one.
i.e. one task is to do a weekly check in with the team, however if I missed a week, I still have to tick it to complete it and create the next task.
Rather than delete the task, it would be good to have something that showed it wasn’t done.
Or has anyone got a work around? Relatively new to the reporting side of things :slight_smile:


What I usually do is change the due date to match the next occurence, that way you “skip” the current task

I am clear on the work around, however as a manager, it would be really helpful to know if someone did not complete a weekly task. For instance, we have put our weekly meeting agenda into Asana and everyone clocks in with Toggl through Asana. Skipping would be a great way to keep attendance.


I would like to add that the options for a task should be:
Not Completed.

Tasks are often necessary within a specific timeline. I am looking at my staff’s tasks and see that they missed an important deadline, therefore the task is no longer important. Their only option is to click completed or delete. This does not allow for accurate tracking of tasks for my reporting.

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Yes! I need this feature!
There are certain tasks that I need to be reminded to check on every day, but don’t always need to complete every day. I had just been checking them off to get them off my day’s to do list, but then that clutters my “completed tasks” lists. If I want to show my boss all the things I accomplished in a day (I’m a personal assistant), I need that completed tasks list to be accurate.


I like to include tasks in Asana that aren’t absolutely necessary (they should be done somewhat regularly, but if I skip them, it’s not a big deal - like cleaning up Outlook).

There seems to be no way to skip a task without deleting it or marking it as complete, which skews my “completed task list” making it look like I accomplished more than I actually did.

Please add a “skip” button so that the task will be removed from “My Tasks”, but recurring instances won’t be deleted.



What I usually do is assign the task to me, put a due date far away, and push to Later. The task auto-promotion will make the task come back automatically.

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Thanks, Bastien. So you’re not using a recurring task then, correct? You just keep moving the due date?

Yes, either I never complete it and keep moving it or move until I complete and then re-create.


Okay, I’ll try that, thanks!

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Would love a way to mark a recurring task as Skipped. It is good to review back what was skipped vs. completed. Also save the time to move the due date.


Bumping this topic. Please let us skip reoccurring tasks.

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Bump. Some recurring tasks, cant be completed is skipped. This results in invalid completed tasks statistics. Ideally, the ability to skip and mark tasks as skipped even for non-recurring tasks will improve my task management and stats.


Bump. This would be incredibly helpful for more accurate workload and time tracking

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I agree. We use the reoccurring tasks for weekly meetings, sometimes they are canceled but we are also tracking the staff time.


Agree with everything that was brought up with regard to reflecting an accurate workload and time tracking.

Another aspect to this I would love to see is just the ability to click PAUSE on a repeating task.
I have a task that I do daily. When I come back from a week vacation I am forced to click the task “completed” 7 times (!) to get it up to speed. This is ineffective, unnecessary and time consuming.

Please add both SKIP and PAUSE options to repeating tasks!

I agree, this feature is needed for recurring tasks to be completely useful.


Please @Bastien_Siebman let us know if there does become an update on this! It would be nice.

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Bump, this would be an extremely useful feature.

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Suprised this thread is 5 years old with apparently nothing happening.

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