Skipping recurring tasks

I’m using Asana for homeschool planning. I’ve entered things for my children like “make bed”. There will be many days when this recurring task simply won’t be completed. I don’t want to stop it, copy it, and reschedule it (I have 4 kids so that would be like a full time job). Is there a way to just skip it and move it forward so I don’t see a huge list of all the things they didn’t complete?

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As it stands, the only way to "skip’ it and move it forward to the next time the recurring task is set to be due is by Marking the Task Complete.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

@Meghann_Harker, If I understand correctly, you could do what I do in these circumstances: Simply change the due date of the recurring task to the next upcoming date when you expect it will be done.

And if you have multiple ones to update (and a paid plan) maybe an advanced search report would easily enable you to see and multi-select sets of these to change multiple tasks’s dates at once.

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Do you know of this is something they are planning to add? I would LOVE this feature! Thanks

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I believe it is in not in our near term plans but I would suggest you to cast your vote on the #productfeedback thread we have on this topic: Ability to skip recurring task instead of Complete. I’ll make sure to update that thread as soon as I have any information to share!

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