❌ Reject Tasks without confusing people

Getting the right stuff done is often about choosing what not to do as opposed to what to do.

“Maximising the amount of work not done.”

A task in Asana is either complete or incomplete. So what do you do when you decide not to do something?

  • Incomplete is confusing since it suggests there is still work to do
  • Complete is confusing since the work has not been done
  • Delete removes it from sight, so it is not clear what things have been chosen not to complete

If you find this as frustrating as I do, I think I might have solved this using existing functionality.

  1. Create a custom single select field field from My Tasks or a Project
    1.1 call it Rejected
    1.2 add one option REJECTED (and make it red)
    1.3 add it to the library
  2. Create a new rule:
    2.1 When Rejected is changed
    2.2 Check if Rejected is set to REJECTED
    2.3 Complete task & Set task title to [❌REJECTED] {Task name}

Now you can reject work simply by marking it as REJECTED in a custom field.

This enables you to get the work you’ve decided not to do out of the way without confusing anyone.

Turn this into a bundle and you can easily share and add this functionality to your projects/templates.

Would love to get feedback on this.


I’ve been struggling with this exact issue. While a project proceeds we find there are tasks that we thought we needed to do but found a different approach. Your three bullet points were spot on. Thanks so much for sharing your solution!

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Really cool tip @Jan-Rienk, thanks for sharing!

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I personally turn tasks into approvals and rejects them. It looks really good with the Red Cross displayed by Asana.
I created an action called “iDO things > cancel task” if you wanna use it :slight_smile:


Yeah, I also prefer the approach @Bastien_Siebman mentions that @lpb has proposed here which can actually be automated using iDO’s awesome rule as @Arthur_BEGOU has documented here.

It also uses one rule action instead of two, which should be considered for Starter and Advanced tiers, due to their monthly limitations of rule actions :wink:


@Bastien_Siebman @Richard_Sather Thanks! Will definitely look into that.

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