Feature Request: Close Task

It would be highly beneficial to incorporate a “Close Task” feature for tasks that have been discontinued or are no longer necessary.

Presently, there are only options to “Delete Task” or “Complete Task.” However, the “Complete Task” option is exclusively intended for tasks that have been successfully finished. On the other hand, the “Delete Task” function is utilized when a task is deemed entirely unnecessary.

The addition of a “Close Task” feature would allow users to mark a task as closed if it has been discontinued or canceled, while still retaining all the associated details. This feature recognizes that the task was initially intended to be completed but, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was postponed. It is essential to acknowledge the existence of such tasks rather than treating them as if they never existed.


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Until/if your request becomes available, consider my Forum Leader Tip post with some alternatives and workarounds.



It would greatly improve the workflow to have a “Close Task” feature, as relying on tags would require a consistent naming convention. If different users do not adhere to the same tagging system, the resulting report may lack accuracy, or not all required data will be generated.

It would be nice to have something like a close task thing. I create tasks to research things like a feature and note in the task what I find. Sometimes what I research is not viable for the project that I am working on so the task was not completed because it was not implemented. But it often happens that a collega later down the line ask why we didn’t use it. I can then look back into asana and pull up the note on what I found and why it would not have worked at that time.

In a previous scenario, we encountered a situation where an entire project was either canceled or put on hold. To ensure our task status accurately reflected this, we included an additional option in our custom field for task progress: “Canceled” or “On Hold”. When this option is selected, the task name is then updated with a corresponding tag of either [Canceled] or [On Hold] before being marked as complete. This process can be automated using Flowsana. Furthermore, this approach aids in reporting by allowing us to easily filter out any tasks that have been canceled or placed on hold.


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Since Asana doesn’t have yet the “cancel task” option, there’s a workaround using custom rules (for Business Plans or above).

You could set up any trigger that sets the rule in motion (a section, or a custom field). Then, by selecting an external action found in iDO Things, you will have the choice between multiple types of cancel actions (naming convention or via the approval tasks).

Hope this helps, good luck :wink:

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