Mark a task as "No Longer Required"


Sometimes plans change and you no longer need to complete a given task. Currently, the two options are to either mark the task as “Complete” (which skews your data) or delete the task (which causes you to lose notes on progress made). For subtasks in particular, it paints an incomplete picture when you complete a task called “Write first draft” but then delete a task called “Publish final copy.”

It would be great to mark a task or subtask as “No Longer Required.” That way, you see the whole picture, keep your notes on progress, and aren’t lying about tasks being “Complete” when they’re not (just to remove it from your task list).


I agree, we currently use a tag denoted at “killed” for tasks like this, however it doesn’t fix the issue of what to do with the unfinished task item. This would be a welcomed addition for my team.