Task with unique identifier

I’m actually surprised this feature doesn’t exist. As a developer, it seems pretty easy to implement


The lack of these IDs makes it impossible to properly trace commits/bugs/tasks and have proper communication with the rest of the non-technical team / customer-facing.
Even if not associated with the current project, a global task ID could be a great start.

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We have an auto-number custom field set up - a bot user fills it out. I didn’t do it, so can’t tell you the details sorry, but from a UX point of view, it looks similar to @Maggie_Reddi 's solution. We use it for things like customer complaint numbers, quality investigation numbers etc.

It works fine, but ideally this would already be a custom field option.

@Maggie_Reddi your integration must be set up per PROJECT right - or can I set it up globally where automatic #ering happens across all projects and tasks within a workspace or team?

Karen, we do have a configuration where we can apply a number across the entire workspace. Could you email us at support@projectprocs.com and we can go through the details with you?

Did anyone find a solution to the Dupe Task ID issue?

Hi @Todd_Bradley,

There’s no issue with duplicate Task IDs per se - every task has a unique ID, without exception.

The issue is that when you export tasks, the long length of the ID can’t be properly handled in Google Sheets and Excel unless you take some specific steps to handle it properly.

If you’re using Google Sheets, it’s easier - just make sure you format the column as “Plain Text”.

For Excel, see this post:

If you are open to using 3rd party services you can check out Astogi.com , it has been developed specifically to solve this specific problem that we are having too. Short and unique IDs per task is really something that is needed, especially when developing software.

I am not sure if promoting a 3rd party integration is allowed, but since Asana made it clear that they aren’t integrating this I think this won’t be an issue. If you have any question, please let us know! :slight_smile:

Good bye Asana,
since I can’t trace (or audit) the basis of some important tasks I can’t use it any more.
For example,
why you change firewall rule or policy,
why you do this,

As a startup company grows, it meets regulatory requirements.
Among them, auditability(?) and accountability are very important when doing internal control.
And Asana doesn’t meet the requirements.
And I don’t see Asana would solve this matter near future, since I think Asana ignores this request for long time.

Any way, it was fun and great with Asana.

Again, good bye.


Maybe Asana can make a project ‘type’ which has compliance features and easy referencing task.

I agree. “The lack of these IDs makes it impossible to properly trace commits/bugs/tasks and have proper communication with the rest of the non-technical team / customer-facing.”

I’m trying to centrilice the work for all the teams with asana, but without this feature we need to use another tool for commits/bugs … So this will push us to change to another tool for accomplish this centralization.

Hi all,

FYI, Short Task IDs (as well as short Task URL Links, if that’s something you’re interested in) are now available via my Flowsana integration - for more info, see this forum post: Create unique task IDs and short URL links - new in Flowsana

Hi, I can’t open a branch named 120037216305419! That doesn’t make sense! SET005 does.

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In my opinion unique (short) task Ids should be something that comes out of the box just like in Jira. Using Flowsana as @Phil_Seeman suggested seemed reasonable until we realized that is too expensive for such a basic feature:


What is the status about this requested feature ??
I too agree that it is a MUST HAVE feature out of the box as it’s the only way to implement traceability and compliance for audits.

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