Unique Task ID

Hi All,

How can I have a unique Task ID visible in Asana. I was looking for such a field, but I cannot find it.
I cannot believe that Asana would not have the functionality for a (autogenerated) Task ID wich can be displayed in a list and to which we can search on.


Hello Niels,

let me quote this message from Larry:

If you want to create short task IDs have a look at Flowsana, more info here.

And here is a relevant feedback request thread in case you are interested:

  1. I would like to see a task ID in a list view, I do not want to look into an URL. Any selfrespecting Task tool should have a unique ID visible. Some projects have hundreds of tasks.
  2. About Flowsana; so it means we need to buy something additional to have a functionality which should be a default in Asana.
  1. I recommend upvoting the feedback request thread that I shared.
    Also something else that might help is enabling row numbers via settings in case you have not done so yet. I know this is not what you asked for, however some find this helpful.

  2. As it stands yes. However Asana is constantly monitoring all feedback request threads (total views and votes) and they implement new features regularly, see the latest ones here.

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