HowTo implement assigning unique IDs to all tasks

Hi forum,

I’m trying to figure out the best way for tasks in Asana to be related to unique IDs and I was wondering if anyone has set this up effectively, and could provide advice/learnings on it.

It would be helpful to know what is working effectively for others, with large number of Asana projects.

–Are you using an auto ID generator, or using rules such as create the unique ID by using the first 2 letters of a project name (if it’s a single word), or first letter of each word for projects with multiple words in the name, or similar?
–Did you make your ID short and understandable (if so what length of ID has worked well) or have you found longer IDs work ok in practice (i.e. communicating with customers using the ID)?
–Any particular platforms/tools/configurations that are working well would be good to know*

I can approach our internal development team to help me build/implement this if needed, as paying a 3rd party for this functionality may end up being costly as we have lots of projects and growing number of Asana users.

That said, any recommended 3rd party solutions from the forum? I see Flowsana mentioned many time, but it appears the links to Flowsana on those posts now take the reader to a ‘Gone fishing’ page. Frowsana, is this service still available? Thanks.

The current native ID feature is not a good solution for us, as far as I have tested.


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Hi @Marcus_Parry1 , here’s the link to Flowsana’s page for IDs


Thanks, @Richard_Sather! And sorry, @Marcus_Parry1 - we just switched to a new Knowledge Base - I tried to find the references I could on the forum to old KB articles but obviously missed a few. I just updated the ones on our Unique IDs that I could find. Flowsana is very much alive and well!


Thanks for that @Richard_Sather and @Phil_Seeman - I’ll take a look over Flowsana, that may be the option for us.

As well, I’d love to hear from any others who have developed and implemented their own solution, and learnings.


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In terms of solutions, it would be helpful to know why this is the case so we know what needs/requirements you have that the native feature doesn’t allow for.


I’ll take another look at the inbuilt feature.

When I briefly tested it I was struggling to easily create a the project key part, as it limited to 4 characters. We often have projects that have the same name (from the same client), apart from a single word may be different, which is hard to define in 4 chars. We also have projects for clients that share simialr names, again causing thinking of how to easily name the using 4 chars.

Ideally I was hoping for something that is globally set, or in a primary template, which auto generates IDs extracting the project key in to a recognisable, human readable ID, perhaps 6 chars or primary chars set to 4 as it currently is and a secondary one which could be optional set to 2 or 3 chars, and which is there by default on all tasks. Ideally with no intervention or thinking needed (the project key being extracted from the name in some uniform way).





I’ve started using the inbuilt ID feature. Although there are some limitations it is working pretty well @Phil_Seeman

It’s handy that you can apply the ID to existing projects tickets.

Next I’ll need to see how I can send an Email to the form submitter to let them know the form was received and to provide them the form title and Asana ticket ID. When the ticket id eventually placed in a ‘done’ kanban, I’ll want to automate an Email to the submitter to say that request is now done.

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@Marcus_Parry1 - if you have an email question in your form (or if you have internal-only forms that leverage a user’s authenticated session already), it will automatically send them email confirmation upon submission. If you want to customize a message for them, see below re: gmail/other providers.

RE: completion emails - if you use gmail (/google workspace), you should be able to use the pre-built integration into Asana rules to accomplish this (although I don’t think the ID field is exposed as a variable for the email body yet).

If you use another mail provider, you might need another solution (maybe Flowsana has some functionality on this? EDIT: it does, indeed, offer full functionality for this).

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Indeed it does; you can use the Send an email rule action to send a fully customized email, and you can include an Asana ID field by using our Variable Substitution feature and putting {task.Prefix} where “Prefix” is the prefix you set up for the ID field.


Thanks both. Yes, I’d need the Asana ID in the Email. I’ll have a look over Flowsana.