How can I get incremental new unique IDs whenever a new task is added into ASANA?

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I am trying to get a solution around How can I get incremental new unique IDs whenever a new task is added into ASANA?

Tried to create a rule in workflow but it gives me the same unique ID every time I add a task and not incremental

Can you post a screenshot of that rule?

You want a unique ID across the entire Asana account, or simply within a project?

Hey Phil- Apologies for late revert, I was on leave. Pasting the screenshot of the rule that I created

But it is giving me the same value as 1 and not incremental like 1,2,3. I want it to be incremental and not the same. Can you help to provide a rule which gives me incremental values in one column whenever a new task is created. It is the project ID like 1,2,3,4 etc.

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Hey Bastien, I want incremental unique IDs whenever a task is created within a project in ASANA.

Pasting the screenshot of what I am trying to do. This unique ID column should auto populate incremental numbers as and when a task is added into the roadmap and no two numbers can be repeated.

Asana doesn’t currently have functionality to provide incremental IDs. our Flowsana integration can do it, and there are a few other third-party tools that can do it as well.

I wonder if this has been resolved since recent announcements from Asana?

Without this I approach this as follows:

  1. create a custom field for the organisation called “GUID” (Global Unique ID)
  2. use a GUID generator (such as ) to create a unique ID
  3. use this as a cross-reference within Asana and other tools outside of Asana to create and maintain a “golden thread”

I hope Asana solves this for us/me one day

Hi @Glenn_Brickhill , welcome to the forum :wave:

Custom ID field is now available!

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