Task Modified date/time when does it change?

Hi everyone!

Just had a question come up while analyzing some data: under what conditions does task modified meta data (date/time stamp) change?

I guess any change to:
Task name
Custom field modified
Tag modified
Completion/approval status
Task liked

Is there anything else I’m missing? Specifically if a task is in a project and the project is put in a portfolio then does that trigger an update to all tasks in the project or any other big call outs that anyone has knowledge of would be great!

Thanks y’all!

Good question. Maybe @sasha_f can help us with this one?

Hey folks, sorry for the belated reply. Checked with engineering and found out the following conditions change the modified_at timestamp:

  • story is created on a task
  • story is trashed on a task
  • attachment is trashed on a task
  • task is assigned or unassigned
  • custom field value is changed
  • the task itself is trashed
  • Or if of the following fields are updated:
    • completed
    • name
    • due_date
    • description
    • attachments
    • items
    • schedule_status

The task moving to a new container (project, portfolio, etc) will not affect its modified_at timestamp.


Thanks so much.

So what’s not covered, from the top of my head:

  • adding a subtask
  • … anything else?

Adding or removing a tag

Not sure what “story” is.

Attachment trashed but what about added?
Do comments trigger a modification?

A “story” is the technical Asana term for a comment, or system-generated note, added in the activity list of a task.

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Story also includes info like “Name was changed” “Due date was changed” “Task was liked”…

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Right, that’s what I meant by “system-generated note”; I should have been more specific there.

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You are right you said it already :sweat_smile: my bad

@Phil_Seeman @Bastien_Siebman

Thanks both for the clarification, and humor :smiley: