API Changed? Missing 'modified_at'

Hi There,

I have noticed recently that I am unable to pull down last time a status update was modified on any given project.

Usually accessible through [Project][Current Status][Modified_at] path, but it does not seem that it exists anymore? Perhaps I am missing something as it is listed on API explorer: Build an app with Asana

I just tested and when I update a project’s status, it returns the Modified_At value:


Hi @Vaidotas_Piekus, sorry about that! We’re working on a new implementation that makes project status updates easier to fetch and create, and it seems we’ve inadvertently published a bug that affects the already-live implementation.

Thanks for letting us know about this—we’re working on a fix now that should go out this week. However, the data you need is still available, you can work around this bug using our opt_fields to choose the modified_at field.

The reason that modified_at is missing in this case is because we’re replacing it with the more correct field created_at. Similarly, author will be replaced with created_by to be consistent with other parts of our API. However, even after this rename we will continue to return the data by default under both old and new names to be backwards compatible with existing clients.

Thank you @Joe_Trollo and @Phil_Seeman!

Appreciate your input and help. It makes sense and I am exited about more consistent naming conventions with created_at and other changes. I will be transitioning my app to the new naming conventions as soon as they are ready to go :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity - is there a link for change-log on Asana API, it would be great to see changes in a concise way.

Thank you again!

Our larger projects are often included in Asana’s release notes, but smaller items generally don’t fit there. Every month or so we will publish to our developer news with a summary of what we’ve done since the last update (including smaller changes) and after that we send out an even shorter summary to our developer newsletter mailing list.

For the fastest notice, the best place to watch for changes is here on the community forums. This is always the first place we announce new and upcoming features.

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