Urgent Issue: Get Task API Endpoint not honoring "modified_since"

URGENT!!! Issues with Asana API endpoint: https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/tasks

(Get multiple tasks)

Right now, this endpoint is not honoring the parameter “modified_since”, which is causing massive issues for our customer syncs on zzBots. This filter is not being honored and Asana is returning all tasks, regardless of the last modified time of that task. Please fix this soon! One thing to note, we noticed this issue started happening about 1 hour ago. Our support ticket # is 1111271

Here is a screenshot of the request and response we’re getting back from Asana.

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cc: @John_Baldo @Jeff_Schneider

But @Lorin_Allred if you haven’t, I would also file a support ticket as it should get routed to the API or Developer Relations team:

How to contact our Support Team

Hey Phil, thanks for the response, I’ve already submitted a support ticket (#1111271), but I haven’t gotten a reply yet.

I’ve also done some further testing on the API and I’ve only been able to reproduce the error of the API not honoring the “modified_since” if I pass in a project ID alongside the modified since to filter the tasks. Filtering by assignees, tags, and sections are not affected in my testing.

This is still a big issue because a large portion of our customers are filtering by an Asana project and we’ve had to temporarily disable the sync for certain customers because our system is endlessly paginating & trigging on all of their tasks.

I’m having the same issue. We have a script that periodically checks for updates since the last time it ran, and now it’s having to loop through all tasks which causes it to time out before it can complete.

I’ll file a support ticket as well and try to come up with a workaround in the meantime. Please keep us posted in this thread if you hear back.

Hey All,

Thanks for sharing this. We’re looking into it and think we’ve identified the cause. Working on a fix now.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.


It looks like things are working again in our calls. Can you confirm the fix is in place?

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Yes, should be resolved now.


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